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auswriters.com was created in 2002, and received only a handful of visitors back then. The site has grown and now has a membership database of 850+, and is continually growing.

Even though the site has been offline for short period of time, (for a revamp), it is now reaching back to the status as an incredible tool for writers providing them with useful resources. auswriters.com was developed for YOU, the writer and poet in mind, to provide you with an opportunity to publish and display your stories and poetry online for others to read and review. This site also offers information and assistance for writers to get assistance towards being published in print by main stream publishers.

Other useful resources available on this site provide information on a national level, such as writing organisations, educational courses and institutions, upcoming writing and poetry events, competitions, books on how to write, and most importantly, encouragement for writers.

Our Aims

  • To publish annual booklets with the most popular short stories from the site.

  • To publish an annual booklet of all children stories from the site.

  • To sponsor Authors of Children's books to visit schools in the hope of encouraging children to read and write.

  • Advertising and sponsorship sought from Universities/TAFE colleges and other educational/government institutions or organisations.

  • To be a focal part of adult and children's literacy programs in the future, and provide equal opportunity for all.

  • To create an online blog area for writers to add their reviews on books they have read.

  • To create an online chat forum so members are able help one another.

As this site has been specifically designed with you, the writer and poet in mind, your input and advice, stories and information would be greatly appreciated. So please forward any information to me that you feel would benefit other writers.



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